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Overview of the Maintenance of Certification (MOC)

Welcome to The American Board of Otolaryngology

The American Board of Otolaryngology thanks these volunteers without whom the oral exam process would not be possible.

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Senior Examiners

Patrick J Antonelli
William B Armstrong
H. Alexander Arts
Carol A Bauer
Joel H Blumin
Hilary A Brodie
Jimmy J Brown
John P Carey
William R Carroll
Sukgi S Choi
Craig S Derkay
Robert L Ferris
Howard W Francis
Oren Friedman
M. Boyd Gillespie
Michael R Holtel

Lisa E. Ishii
Stacey L Ishman
Jennifer C Kim
Theda C Kontis
John H Krouse
Lawrence R Lustig
Benjamin C Marcus
Karen T Pitman
Liana Puscas
Eben L Rosenthal
Maie St. John
Travis T Tollefson
Debara L Tucci
Mark A Varvares
Carlton J Zdanski

The mission of the American Board of Otolaryngology (ABOto) is to assure the public that, via its process of certification and lifelong maintenance of certification, its diplomates have met the ABOto’s professional standards of training and knowledge in otolaryngology – head and neck surgery.