Resident Registry

It is vital that all residents participating in an ACGME accredited otolaryngology program are registered with the ABOHNS during their first year of training in order to subsequently apply to take the certification examination. A New Resident Form/data must be filed for each new resident by the Program Director by July 17 of the first year of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery training. The Program Director subsequently submits a Resident Evaluation Form for each returning resident by July 17 of each year. It must be noted whether the previous year was successfully completed.

Resident Evaluation Forms become part of the individual's ABOHNS file, and are a prerequisite for application for the certification examination. Credit may not be granted by the ABOHNS for any year of training for which an Evaluation Form is not received. Programs not meeting the July 17 deadline for submission of forms will be assessed a late fee.

In order to access your ABOHNS profile and complete the necessary registry information, please use your user-ID (email address) and password you have set up previously. Please note that the Program Coordinator has been provided with a username and password and can complete several of the functions. If you are experiencing issues logging in, please contact the ABOHNS office at 713-850-0399.

For any other questions regarding Resident Registry, please contact Shannon Lamkin at