MOC Examination Policy

The use of written notes or reference material of any kind, including electronic media, is prohibited, as is making written notes of the contents of the test questions. The examination is confidential, copyrighted material under the 1976 copyright act, and the unauthorized possession, reproduction, recording, discussion, or disclosure of any material, or answers before, during, or after the examination is prohibited. Such actions may be sufficient cause for the ABOHNS to terminate participation in the examination, to invalidate the results of the examination, to withhold examination scores, to bar a candidate permanently from all future examinations, or take other appropriate action.

You are NOT permitted to bring personal items (briefcases, backpacks, purses, books, PDAs, pagers, copying devices, cell phones, pens, and pencils) into the exam room. No food or drinks are allowed in the examination room. You will be allowed to take your ID and the key for your locker into the exam room.