Part IV - Improvement in Medical Practice

The ABOHNS will roll out the last section of MOC, Part IV, which is still under development. Part IV will consist of three components, a patient survey, a professional survey, and a Performance Improvement Module (PIM).

The PIMs are being developed in partnership with Wiley Blackwell and CE City, a company that has worked with other certifying boards in the development of their MOC programs. The PIM is based on the classic quality improvement cycle of measure, analyze, implement changes, and re-measure.

The ABOHNS is developing a series of Performance Improvement Modules (PIMs) in which the diplomate will enter data into an online system about a series of patients with a given condition. At least two to three PIMs will be available in each of the practice focus areas. The diplomate will receive feedback comparing the results to available guidelines or measures, as well as other otolaryngologists who complete the PIM. If an area that could be improved is identified, the diplomate can use this information to improve his or her practice. The diplomate can then re-measure to show there has been improvement in practice. In addition, there will be a link to an educational module for additional background information. Currently, the plan is to require completion of a PIM once every 3 – 5 years.