Oral Certifying Exam

Once a candidate has passed his/her Written Qualifying Exam, he/she will be given an appointment to sit for the Oral Certifying Exam held in Chicago, IL on March 28 & 29, 2020. The purpose of the oral examination is to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge and reasoning skills to obtain and interpret data, arrive at a diagnosis, and develop a management plan for a variety of otolaryngologic conditions. The oral examination covers practice focus areas including allergy, head and neck, laryngology, otology / audiology, rhinology, pediatric otolaryngology, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, and sleep medicine.

Information available to you is consistent with that typically available in a clinical situation. Relevant clinical history, physical examination, pathological, laboratory, and other diagnostic findings may be provided. Reproductions of pertinent x-rays or scans, photomicrographs, audiograms, etc. may be available. No attempt will be made to mislead or deceive you in any way. The cases are designed to be straight-forward and pertinent.