No Cheating Policy

This is a reminder to all Program Directors, Program Coordinators, Residents, and Diplomates involved with ABOto examinations: Violations of the rules prohibiting copying of questions will be taken seriously. Flouting the rules undermines the very purpose of ABOto examinations in measuring and evaluating knowledge and skill. Candidates have a contractual and ethical obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the examination. Programs have a duty not to interfere with those duties. As you well know, the Board is empowered to take action against any candidate or diplomate who breaks the rules, including the power to invalidate test results or revoke a certificate.

In the event that the Board concludes that a program has encouraged, permitted, or participated in the maintenance of recalled or otherwise stolen examination questions, the Board reserves its right to exclude all of its residents from taking future examinations.


The ABOto fully supports the intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Upon request, ABOto will make reasonable accommodations in its examination procedures for candidates with documented disabilities. An applicant who believes that he or she is disabled within the meaning of the ADA law should request detailed information concerning ABOto's policy regarding accommodation so that his or her special needs can be met in a timely manner. Current documentation of the disability must accompany the application.

Copyright Policy

The use of written notes or reference material of any kind, including electronic media, is prohibited, as is making written notes of the contents of the test booklets. The examination is confidential, copyrighted material under the 1976 copyright act, and the unauthorized possession, reproduction, recording, discussion, or disclosure of any material, or answers before, during, or after the examination is prohibited. Such actions may be sufficient cause for the ABOto to terminate participation in the examination, to invalidate the results of the examination, to withhold examination scores, to bar a candidate permanently from all future examinations, or take other appropriate action.