How to Apply

The application is completed online via the ABOHNS physician profile.  Much of the online application is prepopulated with information, but applicants are required to answer credentialing questions and attest and agree to the ABOHNS Candidate and MOC Agreements.

All physicians interested in obtaining subspecialty certification in Neurotology or Sleep Medicine should contact Brittany Espinoza at for application requirements and instructions.  Additionally, please refer to the ABOHNS’s Booklet of Information located on this site under Publications.


There is no required time interval between completion of the subspecialty residency program and making application for examination. However, all subspecialty residency training must be successfully completed before the date of the examination in any given year.

The application for the examination will be available June 1 on the ABOHNS website at and must be completed (by September 1 of that year. The application consists of the following:

1. Verification of American Board of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery certification.

2. Subspecialty Resident Registry Evaluations, submitted annually by the Program Director.

3. Application Form, signed by the Program Director and another ABOHNS diplomate.

4. If more than one neurotology program was attended, an additional Verification of Neurotology Subspecialty Residency Form must be signed by the previous Program Director, attesting to satisfactory completion of training in that program.

5. Verification of ALL licenses to practice medicine, showing non-restricted status and date of expiration of each. All applicants must submit evidence of medical licensure, with the following exception:

Individuals who have completed subspecialty residency training but who will go on to practice medicine in a foreign country not requiring licensure must make a written request to be accepted for the examination without medical license. Such requests must be submitted with the application.

6. Candidate will attest electronically that all required operative procedures are complete at date of application.

7. The applicant must possess high moral, ethical and professional qualifications as determined by, and in the sole discretion of the Board. Additional information may be requested by the Board from the following: Federation of State Medical Boards, local medical society, board certified otolaryngologists from the geographical area in which the applicant practices, the director of the applicant's training program, hospital chiefs of staff, and/or other individuals and entities who may have knowledge of the applicant's moral and ethical standing, qualifications or abilities.

8. Applications are approved by the Credentials Committee in October, and applicants are then notified if they have been approved for examination. The Board reserves the right to reject any application.

Practice Pathway: Closed in 2012

A candidate who has taken the Neurotology Exam via the practice/alternate pathway and failed, will be allowed to apply for future Neurotology examinations.