Annual Dues

Over the years, increasing demands have been made on the ABOHNS to protect the integrity, meaning, and significance of certification of our diplomates.  These activities are beyond the scope of the credentialing and examination of candidates for certification, and represent a substantial expense.  In the past, candidate fees supported all activities; now, however, such fees barely cover the cost of the examination process.  Because the increasing demands outlined affect all ABOHNS diplomates, not just those who apply annually for the examination, we implemented diplomate dues in 1990.  ABOHNS dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal purposes, but may be deducted as a business expense. 

It was our hope that each diplomate would accept their individual responsibility for assuring the continued success of the ABOHNS, and well over 80% of our diplomates each year have done so.  These dues are not mandatory and there are no sanctions for not paying ABOHNS dues. 

Furthermore, diplomates certified in 2002 and thereafter, as well as Subcertified physicians, are not asked to pay dues.  Instead, these diplomates participate in Maintenance of Certification, which is a life-long learning process and a fee is associated with this program. 

For information regarding your dues payment or additional questions please contact the ABOHNS office at 713-850-0399.