Primary Certification

The ABOHNS certification process consists of two phases: a computerized qualifying examination, and an oral certifying examination.

Qualifying Exam

All candidates must take the qualifying examination which is offered in the fall of each year. The exam is administered at local computerized testing centers through-out the United States. Candidates who meet or exceed the passing score on the qualifying exam are then allowed to sit for the Oral Certification Exam in the spring. Candidates who do not achieve the passing score on the qualifying exam may reapply the subsequent year to retake the exam.

Oral Certification Exam

All candidates who achieve a passing score on the qualifying exam then take the Oral Certification Exam on either a Saturday or Sunday in the spring. Candidates are given three consecutive opportunities to take and pass the oral exam. If a passing score is not achieved after three exam cycles, the candidate must reapply to take the written exam.